Antique Straight Razors: Complete Value Guide   (2022)

The old ways of close shaving with a straight razor seem to be coming back with full force. Who knows, maybe men are tired of using the safety razors and want to know how it feels to get a close shave the macho way.

Based on this, we think it’s the right time to tell you all about the antique straight razors and how they served the male population for centuries.

Straight razors are often described as the manliest method of removing hair. Because it takes a lot of skills and coordination for a man to shave his own hair with it. This historical tool improved male fashion before and during the 19th century. The best thing about them is that they can never go out of date. Although, the advent of the plastic safety razor in the twentieth century drastically reduced the number of straight razor users.

Many salons still use the straight razor to trim beards, eyebrows, and scalp hair. Hair experts say that no modern equipment is as effective as the straight razor. In all honesty, straight razors have come a long way. We’re not just referring to the new straight razors; although they also do an incredible job, they’re not as perfect as the older, vintage brands.

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In this piece, we’ll be addressing the complete value guide of antique straight razors—Kicking off with the history of the straight razor and best techniques to date one of these artifacts accurately. Expect to be frazzled when you read about some of the most valuable straight razors sold within the last two decades.

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The History Of Antique Straight Razor

The straight razor has a broader development history than many other antique items used in day-to-day activities. Archeological research posits that men have successfully achieved the clean shave look for centuries using stone, bone, and shells. These materials are referred to as the early razors.

The wooden “L” shaped straight razor came sometime in the 1700s. To a novice, very little has changed in this design since then. However, antique collectors would tell you that the style continuously evolved till the 1900s (when the safety razor was developed). Manufacturers of the straight razors in the eighteenth and nineteenth-century ingeniously modified the handles, steel, design, and even the material composition of the straight razor. The subtle modifications made it better for users to remove stubbles and removed some of the risks for self-groomers.

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Here is a much more informative breakdown of the history of the antique straight razor.

Straight Razors PRE-1800

Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, razors were similar to small hatchets, which local blacksmiths produced. Many Of the razors from this era had no maker’s stamp or branding. Archaeologists say that shaving wasn’t so common during this period, as most of the men preferred to grow long beards.

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In the 1700s, the “small hatchet” evolved into a wedge-shaped blade and scale. The blade was designed to be wider at the point with a straight edge. Scales were made from wood, bone, and horns—the wealthy used scales made from ivory or tortoiseshell. The design of the scale was sometimes flat or beveled, while the pins at both ends were produced from brass and iron.

Some of the antique straight razors from this era are marked with the phrase “warranted” and some “cast steel.” Antique experts explained that these words were used to point out the metal used.

Straight Razors in the 1800s

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Compared to the designs produced in this era, we can categorically state that the razors made in the 1500s, 1600s, and 1700s were crude.

Within the first three decades of the 1800s, the straight razor went through different stages of modifications. In the 1810s to 1820s, the makers added a shoulder to the blade and subsequently downsized the tool. The scales also developed a slight curve. In the next decade, the steel in the blade got mixed with silver. This altered the look of the metal. During this period, English razor manufacturers started marking their products with their monarch’s sign. In addition to this, makers added fluting or jimps to the top and bottom of the handles to improve grip.

From 1830 to 1840, the straight razor was further modified. The cast steel designs were let go, while the silver steel became mainstream. There were also variations in the available blades; some were etched, while the others were notched. Horns were pressed to design the now bow-shaped handles.

Between 1840 and 1870, wedge blades became more popular. Makers produced a wide range of designs. The technique of patterning scales with silver pins was also embraced. The more intricate the patterns, the more expensive the tool was. During this period, companies began to etch their marks and names on the blade tangs. Most of the antique straight razors from this era sported many designs. Some makers used silver and precious stones to create razors for the upper class.

Another notable observation about this period was the introduction of celluloid for scales.

Celluloid handles became mainstream in the late 1800s due to their versatility. At this point, the demand for the wedge-shaped blade designs had ground to a halt. Instead, they all preferred the hollow grinding blades. Towards the new century, manufacturers began to forge blades using machines. Antique straight razors from this time were often marked with “hand-made” or “hand-forged.”

Straight Razors in the 1900s

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Straight razors remained relevant for about five decades before everyone’s attention went to the Gillette-invented razors. Before their ‘extinction,’ makers exclusively used celluloid for razor scales. At the same time, the hollow-ground blade profile had been perfected to offer up to 16 different angles of the blade profile.

If it weren’t for King Camp Gillette’s invention in 1901, manufacturers would have continued to find better ways to improve grooming through straight shaving.

Straight Razors Now

Modern straight razors created in this century are imitating the versions of the antique shaving razor. They have similar designs, only that they’ve been improved using technology, creativity, and better materials.

If you see a modern straight razor side by side an antique straight razor, you’ll realise that the shaving industry had come a long way from simple one-edged blades to having more durable stainless steel.

However, this improvement does not mean that the antique straight razor isn’t more valuable than their modern counterpart.

How to Date an Antique Straight Razor

Antique dating is a necessary activity that gives an idea of the item’s accurate production date. In this case, it involves estimating the approximate lifetime of the antique straight razor.

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In our opinion, dating an antique straight razor is a non-stressful, relatively easy activity. Seeing as each decade since the advent of the first straight razor was followed with a modification in its design. The straight razor was gradually refined till it was perfected (or close to this) in the early 1900s. The collectability value of an antique straight razor depends primarily on its age.

If you purchased an antique straight razor today, a big part of you would be curious to know when exactly the piece was created. A friend once found an antique straight razor in their family home and was told it had been passed down. Although, it had been in disuse since the war settled. By looking at some key features and comparing them with online images, they could deduce when it was made. They even went further to value it. That’s the benefit of dating your antique straight razors. You’d be able to learn more about the artifact and what value pieces from that era have.

It is not possible to accurately tell the age of a vintage straight razor unless the age was stamped, and this is unlikely. The factors that can point you in the right direction include:

The Material– Before and during the 1800s, the primary materials used for the handles were horn, bone, wood, and tortoise shells. At the same time, the blades were mostly made with cast steel. It wasn’t until the late 1800s and early 1900s that silver steel became popular, and tangs were added to the blades.

The Design – The majority of the straight razors produced pre-1800s were plain. Artworks, photo etchings, and notches were added to the spines and blades respectively from 1830. The fancier designs were created more recently than others.

The Style – The wedge-shaped style was widespread from 1500 till the early 1800s. Manufacturers gradually modified the style till the razor became mostly hollow grounded.

The Maker’s mark – Company branding started in the mid-1800s. One of the most distinct marks on antique straight razors can be found on English-made products. Makers began to stamp the initials and crown of their reigning monarchs on the antique razors. The marks are often found on the handles, blade spine, and tang.

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The tricky aspect of identifying antique straight razors is that they look almost the same way as vintage razors. But for this, the materials used to make the handles can help tell whether it is antique or vintage.

As a novice in the space, it is sometimes easy to make mistakes. Hence, we’ll suggest you procure the services of a professional, most especially if your antique razor doesn’t have apparent indicators.

5 Most Valuable Antique Straight Razors Ever Sold

All across America, Germany, and England, the antique straight razor reigned supreme from the 1800s to the mid-20th century. During this time, manufacturers from all regions of the world created their version of this grooming tool. Today’s worth of these antique pieces is attached to their age, condition, and manufacturer.

If you’re in the market to purchase valuable antique straight razors, make sure you go for a well-respected brand. That’s the only way to be half-sure that the piece would remain valuable in years to come.

Here are some of the most valuable brands that produced the most highly-priced antique straight razors that have been sold within the last twenty years.

1.Dovo Straight Razor

Carl Dorp Carl Arthur Voos established this brand in 1906. The DOVO brand, also known as the DOVO steelware and DOVO Solingen, has an unshakeable reputation in the shaving society.

The German-founded company mostly debuted hand-crafted straight razors in the 1900s. Their antique straight razors have blades created from carbon steel, aka silver steel, so the antique edges are so sharp and durable.

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2. Lee’s Razors

This brand has been in existence for over 100 years. You can find antiques produced by this brand in reputable antique stores within and around your locality.

Antique vintage razors produced by Lee’s Razors still have their olive wood, ebony, or Africa car horn handles in pristine condition. Collectors of this brand have no worries about sustainability because the materials used during production several years ago were of the highest quality.

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Lee’s antique straight razors are elegantly styled. They are hand-crafted by experienced artisans who ensure the handles are appropriately sanded and polished. Another reason why this brand is so valuable is that shavers can grip the handles excellently while shaving.

Lee’s antique straight razor

Price: $100

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3. Joseph Rodgers Straight Razor

The Joseph Rodgers brand has produced hundreds of straight Razors, which possess superior quality. The Sheffield-based company began production in 1724.

To know if Joseph Rodgers produced your antique, inspect it and check for the Tang stamp and either one of these phrases; “His Majesty,” “Her Majesty,” or “Cutlery to Their Majesties.” With these markings, you’d be able to trace the item’s date of production easily.

Experts say their reputation is stellar due to their unmatched safe, durable, aesthetically pleasing straight razor blades and designs.

Joseph Rodgers straight razors are highly valuable because they are rare. Since the company closed down in 1975, its vintage pieces are still being sought by collectors, hunters, and passionate antique lovers.

Joseph Rodger antique straight razor

Price: $130

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4. Boker Straight Razor

Established in Germany in 1869, the Boker manufacturing plant has been active for over 150 years in the straight razor industry.

The company used only the best materials and workforce when creating the top-quality vintage straight razor that they’re synonymous with today. The Boker brand is sometimes referred to as the king of antique straight Razors due to its beautiful and functional craftsmanship.

Many Boker antique straight Razors were manufactured to serve the top members of society. The blades were made from top-quality silver steel, which is lauded for its elasticity, edge retention, and toughness. This straight razor can also be bent a little and still return to its original shape.

The company is still active today and producing more modern designs of straight Razors. However, the antique pieces still offer the best shaving experience. As you can see below, they also cost hundreds of dollars.

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A French brand established in 1884, the Thiers-Issard straight razors brought a new perspective to the designs of handles in the industry. The brand used a couple of exotic materials like ivory, ox bone, tortoise shells, and rare wood to take their razors to a better level.

As expected, these straight razors were sold to the wealthy class as most of the materials used were associated with nobles and royalties during that era.

The brand is still in business, and their vintage or antique straight razors can be purchased directly from the brand.

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Assessing Antique Straight Razor Value: Antique razor price guide

Not all straight razors are worth more than a few dollars. Here are some factors you must consider before paying an exorbitant price for an antique straight razor. Also, If you’re planning to sell off pieces in your vintage straight razor collection, you must consider the following factors to ensure you don’t underprice or overprice the piece(s) to be sold.


Some people confuse antique repairs with restoration. When an antique straight razor is restored to its initial condition, it has been cleaned, sharpened, and missing parts replaced with original antique items. Restored razors are sometimes priced higher than untouched antique straight razors. For example, the Celebrated Washington Razor produced by Wade & Butcher is priced at $600, compared to other 1900s straight razors, which cost less than $200.

Blade Size and Material

Some collectors determine the price of antique straight razors in terms of size. Blades made from stainless steel are often priced lower than carbon steel straight razors.


While assessing your antique straight razor, check out for the maker’s stamp by the spine of the handle or the blade’s tang. Antique straight razors manufactured from reputable brands like DOVO, Lee’s, or Boker’s are more expensive than others, especially if they’re in good condition.

Where To Buy Antique Straight Razor

Antique straight razors can be bought offline (brick-and-mortar antique or pawn shops) and online (e-commerce stores), although most prefer to buy online these days. Buying antiques online has its advantages and disadvantages; however, if you stick with reputable retailers, you will have a rewarding shopping experience.

Here are some online antique stores you can visit to find all kinds of authentic antique straight razors—even the rarest vintage.

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This online store stocks all types of original antique items. It has a thoroughly vetted auction site that allows sellers to list only valuable items.

1stDibs takes away the uncertainty attached to buying valuable antiques online. It ensures all sellers obey its strict standards. On this site, buyers rarely have an opportunity to bargain. However, they are always given value for money spent.

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eBay is another famous site for antique items. The downside of this site is that it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as sole-antique e-commerce stores. When buying on eBay, you have to be cautious to avoid buying a less authentic item.

Before buying, make sure you check the seller’s available reviews. This would give you an idea of whether to go on or not. Also, patronize a seller with a solid return policy.

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Ruby Lane

This online store is a large virtual mall that offers every antique and vintage item. You can easily spot different antique straight razors from other makers here; all you have to do is search.

Ruby Lane has an imposed no-questions-asked return policy up to three days after delivery—all shops must comply. You can quickly return an item that doesn’t suit your taste or meet the value of the money paid with confidence.

MS Rau Antiques

MS Rau is a renowned antique store that offers some unique antique straight razors. The store has this grand plan which allows customers to exchange items purchased within five years, as long as they’re still in pristine condition. With this plan, every item you buy here is a guaranteed investment.

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Bottom Line

Just like that, you’ve learned all about the antique straight razor. Some of the keynotes you must keep to the heart include:

  • You don’t need to have facial hair before purchasing an antique straight razor. You can gift it to your partner or sibling who has it, or you could collect it for its value.
  • Vintage straight razors are custodians of history and often have higher quality than their contemporary counterparts.
  • The better the condition, the more value it has.

Antique razors will forever be immortalized as an icon for gentlemen’s grooming. You can never go wrong with an authentic antique straight razor.


How much is a straight razor worth? ›

A typical quality shavette can be anywhere between $15 and $50. The upfront cost of a straight razor can be expensive in comparison, but there's no need to replace the blade, so you will save money over time by not having to purchase more. Quality straight razors are typically in the $100-$150 range.

What should I look for in an antique straight razor? ›

As a general rule, look for a blade that is free of pitting and rust at least 3mm above the cutting edge. This should give potential for at least a few sharpenings on your antique razor. If there are more than a few dots of rust, it's best to move on and find another razor.

How do I identify a straight razor? ›

Sometimes there may be only blade etching/markings, this can help identify razors by models or makers branding, but this is less clear cut than makers stamps on the tang. Dating a razor can be done using the makers name also, or marks such as country of origin, or references to other important timescales.

What do the numbers on a straight razor mean? ›

The company states that the numbers on their blades are for production and quality control purposes and do not affect the shaving experience of the shavers. However, shavers feel the numbers are meant to ensure that you insert the blade properly in the razor.

What is the oldest razor brand? ›

The Gillette Company

Do you need to hone a straight razor? ›

One thing to remember is stropping a straight razor does not “sharpen” the blade at all. Its “polishes” or straightens the microscopic fin of the blade that gets damaged when cutting. In short, it brings the blade back in alignment. It's very important to strop either right before or just after you begin to shave.

Are vintage straight razors good? ›

There are some truly fantastic vintage razors on the market, but most will fall far short of a brand new blade from Dovo or Thiers Issard. Certain vintage razors use interesting or rare steels that have gone out of production, such as true Sheffield Steel or Sheffield Silver Steel.

How do you clean a tarnished straight razor? ›

The simplest and most efficient way to clean a straight razor is to wash it with soapy hot water. It does not have to be any special shaving soap; an ordinary mild soap will do. The glycerin in the soap will help wash off the dead skin cells and lather residue sticking on the blade.

How do you sharpen an old straight razor? ›

How to Sharpen (Hone) a Straight Razor - YouTube

What are 2 types of straight razors? ›

Here's the main differences between the 3 main types of straight razor available on the market today: cut-throat, replaceable blade or Kamisori.
  • Cut-throat Razor. ...
  • Replaceable Blade Razor. ...
  • Kamisori Razor.
May 6, 2019

What are the notches on a razor blade for? ›

Utility Blades are trapezoidal shaped blades with two or three "notches" along the top. The unique shape of these blades allows them to fit into standard utility knives and allow for easy swapping out when the blade becomes dull. Utility blades are a convenient and economical razor blade for everyday use.

What is the blue thing on razor? ›

The lubrication strip on your Gillette razor, found above the blades in your cartridge, can be compared to a small sponge. The strip holds a formula with water-loving polymers called Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) which are released from the strip with each shaving stroke.

What is the best steel for a straight razor? ›

Considering all factors, the best steel for straight razor blades is stainless steel because the blades are high-tempered with an excellent edge retention and rust resistance, which lowers the need for blade maintenance.

What type of straight razor is best? ›

Compare the best straight razors
Straight RazorCostBlade Type
1. Feather - Artist Club SS$$$$$Feather Artist Club
3. Parker - SRX$$DE blade
2. Personna - Monsieur Charles$$Personna Mini Hair Shaper
4. Equinox - Straight Edge Razor$DE blade
Feb 3, 2020

Are straight razor blades universal? ›

Yes. All safety razor blades are universal. Double edged or DE blades will fit into any butterfly razor or doubled-edged razor.

What are old fashioned razors called? ›

A straight razor is a razor with a blade that can fold into its handle. They are also called open razors and cut-throat razors. The predecessors of the modern straight razors include bronze razors, with cutting edges and fixed handles, produced by craftsmen from Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom (1569 — 1081 BC).

Why is it called King C. Gillette? ›

Gillette is often erroneously credited with inventing the so-called razor and blades business model in which razors are sold cheaply to increase the market for blades.
King C. Gillette
OccupationInventor salesman entrepreneur
EmployerCrown Cork & Seal Company Gillette Safety Razor Company
9 more rows

Why did Gillette sues Harry's? ›

Only two months after launching Harry's in 2013, Raider recalls, razor maker Gillette slammed the company with a lawsuit, alleging it had stolen Gillette's patent.

Do straight razors last forever? ›

Since 2012 the production of straight razors has steadily climbed, as more and more people realize the advantages of shaving with this method...and it really does make sense. These razors are made to last forever and rarely require sharpening. Compare this to modern cartridge razors that last a week.

Are old fashioned razors better? ›

For this reason there has been a huge resurgence in the use of the traditional double edge safety razor and the shaving traditions of old. Not only does it give a better shave, with less irritation but most find that shaving in this way is fun.

Can you sharpen a straight razor with a stone? ›

The Technique. The basic method of honing (sharpening) a straight razor is simple. Lay the razor flat on the end of the stone nearest to you with both the edge and the spine on the stone, allowing the spine to set the angle.

What were straight razors made of? ›

Most straight razors are generally made of two types of steel: carbon steel and stainless steel.

What can I use with a straight razor? ›

How To Shave With Straight Razor Explained The Easy Way! No Cuts

Is it OK to use a rusty razor? ›

A rusty razor can be dangerous and lead to razor burn, bumps, and possibly infection. Using a rusty razor is dangerous and can make your face easily susceptible to infections such as staph bacteria which infects your hair follicles and leads to folliculitis.

Can you clean a razor with hydrogen peroxide? ›

It's okay to soak an entire shaving razor in the alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solution. This will eat away at dried gunk around the handle and base of the blades, effectively cleaning it all over.

How often should you hone a straight razor? ›

A straight razor should be honed after 60-70 shaves or roughly every 6 months. If your blade requires honing more frequently then the stropping technique should be reevaluated.

What angle should a straight razor be sharpened at? ›

The lowest angles that we typically see are on straight edge razors. These are sharpened to an angle that is roughly 7 to 8 degrees (although the back of the blade is used as a guide so knowing the angle isn't important and it is not adjustable). A straight razor has a very delicate edge that is very easy to damage.

Does stropping sharpen a razor? ›

Make sure to strop with a leather strop and sharpening strop paste prior to every shave.” If you're looking for a sharper shave, or if you've been stropping your razor every day but feel like you need a slight touch-up, try this: Wet the stone.

What is a Spanish point straight razor? ›

The Spanish point of a straight razor is a slightly concave arch. It is used in extremely precise shaving. Other Options: The French point of a straight razor is shaped with sharp angled curves, a mixture of round and square points. It is perfect for beard shaving.

What is a Dutch point straight razor? ›

Dutch Point

A single edge razor with this type of point is not suitable for trimming a goatee since the blade's point does not get closer to the skin than the other types. On the other hand, the rounded edge of these types of straight razors5 is excellent for easing oneself into a straight razor shaving experience.

How did men shave before straight razors? ›

It is believed that Stone Age men started shaving 100,000 years ago by using clam shells like tweezers and pulling out their beard hair. About 60,000 years ago, man discovered shaving, and started using sharpened obsidian and clam shells to shave their beards.

Why is my razor melting? ›

One thing that wears down your razors: the soapy products you use to lather up your skin. "Most blades are coated with teflon, so residue from shaving creams can dissolve the coating and lead to the weakening and rusting of the blades," says Davidov. Clogged razors can also result in a less smooth shave. Ouch!

Why did Gillette stop making safety razors? ›

The Next Safety Razor is Always Getting Closer

More than a century ago, King C. Gillette said, “We'll stop making razor blades when we can't keep making them better.”

What is lubricating strip? ›

Lubricating strips are found today on most razors, but what impact may they have on our health? Lubricating strips are made up of a plastic matrix with a lubricating chemical. One common lubricating chemical is polyethylene oxide.

What is the Rockwell hardness of a razor blade? ›

For those looking for excellent straight razors, the best ones in the market have ratings from 60-66 HRC. To have a clearer idea of how hard it is, let us just say it is harder than an ax, which would be about 50 HRC, and special knives found in the supermarket, which are about 54-58 HRC.

Do barbers still use straight razors? ›

Yes, many barbers still use a type of straight razor to give a close shave to their customers. However, it's often not the same straight razor tool used before the twentieth century. In today's barbershops, you will more likely see the straight razor's cousin – the shavette.

Are stainless steel razors better? ›

Are stainless steel razors better? At The English Shaving Company, we recommend stainless steel razors as the best tool to achieve a close shave. Unlike traditional razors, stainless steel razors are resistant and long lasting - one blade will last you many shaving sessions.

What country makes the best straight razors? ›

Best made-in-Japan shavette with a straight handle

Where Germany is known for quality engineering and France is known for elegant pastries and perfume, Japan is known for creating extremely sharp knife (and razor) blades that hold their edge for a long time.

Who makes the best straight razors in the world? ›

The Best Straight Razor
  • Dovo Bismarck.
  • Dovo Pearl.
  • The Art of Shaving Straight Razor.
  • Dovo Inox.
  • Dovo Straight Razor Prima Silver Steel.
  • 889 5/8 razor by Thiers Issard.
  • Naked Armor Japanese Steel Straight Razor.
  • Boker Straight Razor 140620 Edelweiss Knife.

Can I bring a straight razor on a plane? ›

Safety Razors: Because the razor blades are so easy to remove, safety razors are not permitted in your carry-on luggage with the blade. They're fine to pack in your carry-on without the blade. The blades must be stored in your checked luggage. The same applies for straight razors.

How long do De blades last? ›

How Long Do DE Blades Last? Based on the brand you choose and the coarseness of your beard, a blade should last you for at least three shaves. Popular blades, such as Feather and BIC, generally perform very well and can give the average person 5-7 shaves with each blade.

How do you keep a straight razor sharp? ›

How to keep your straight razor sharp! - YouTube

Can you use a straight razor without shaving cream? ›

But your straight razor is not. Nothing could be worse than gliding a blunt blade across your skin and shaving without cream that would serve as a lubricant. It is essential to strop your straight razor before using it to achieve a close shave.

Is a straight razor cheaper? ›

Straight razors are also more economical than disposable razors. You can buy a good straight razor for around $70-$100 that can last you a lifetime if you take care of it. This includes stropping your blade every time and having it honed by yourself or a professional about once a year.

Is straight razor shaving cheaper? ›

Straight razors take 2.25 years to become cheaper even than double edge razors. This gives a return on investment that is better than most stocks, real estate, or any other common investment tool.

What straight razors do barbers use? ›

The Best Straight Razors for Barbers: Our Top 5 Recommendations
  • Dovo Silver Shavette Satin-Finish Straight Razor. ...
  • Feather Artist Club SS Straight-Handle Straight Razor. ...
  • Kinglsey Steel Shavette. ...
  • SS Folding Handle Razor. ...
  • Blue Steel “Not a Replica” Straight Razor.
Jan 27, 2022

How do you sharpen a straight razor? ›

How To Sharpen-Hone A Straight Razor - YouTube

Is a straight razor sharper than a shavette? ›

The double blades of the Shavette razor and those of most safety shavers are sturdier than the edge of traditional straight razors. Therefore, no matter how hard you sharpen a razor, its sharpness can rarely match that of a double blade. Moreover, the price of the Shavette is a fraction of the traditional razor.

Are all straight razors the same? ›

Here are the differences between a shavette straight razor and a traditional: Shavettes have replaceable blades, and straight razors have solid blades. Straight razor blades are longer than a shavette's blades. Straight razor blades need honing and stropping; shavette's blades are disposable.

What is a shavette straight razor? ›

A shavette is a razor that is similar to a straight or cutthroat razor, with the main difference relating to the fact that its blades can be changed. These razors are available from leading German brand Dovo and so you can be assured of a quality product.

Are old fashioned razors better? ›

For this reason there has been a huge resurgence in the use of the traditional double edge safety razor and the shaving traditions of old. Not only does it give a better shave, with less irritation but most find that shaving in this way is fun.

How long will a straight razor last? ›

Most straight razor shaves last 2 days. On top of that, you are running a blade across skinless, thus decreasing chances for cuts, missed patches, and irritation.

How often should you strop a straight razor? ›

How often do you need to sharpen it? Straight razor maintenance is key to lasting performance. Stropping polishes and straightens your razor's edge and should be done every 1-7 shaves. Honing restores the edge and is best done every 60-70 shaves or about every 6 months.

Who makes the best straight razors in the world? ›

The Best Straight Razor
  • Dovo Bismarck.
  • Dovo Pearl.
  • The Art of Shaving Straight Razor.
  • Dovo Inox.
  • Dovo Straight Razor Prima Silver Steel.
  • 889 5/8 razor by Thiers Issard.
  • Naked Armor Japanese Steel Straight Razor.
  • Boker Straight Razor 140620 Edelweiss Knife.

Why can't barbers use straight razors? ›

With the risk of spreading diseases such as Hep B, C, and HIV–a potential consequence of using improperly sanitized razors–Ontario mandated that all authentic straight razors used in barbershops be sanitized using an autoclave–that is, an apparatus that sterilizes using heat and pressure.

What is a good brand of straight razors? ›

Compare the best straight razors
Straight RazorCost$ / Blade
1. Feather - Artist Club SS$$$$$0.55
3. Parker - SRX$$0.05
2. Personna - Monsieur Charles$$0.37
4. Equinox - Straight Edge Razor$0.05
Feb 3, 2020

Can you sharpen a straight razor with a knife sharpener? ›

Wicked Edge - Sharpening a Straight Razor - YouTube

Can you sharpen a straight razor with a leather belt? ›

Can You Sharpen A Straight Razor With A Leather Belt? No. A leather belt can be used to strop, not hone or sharpen the blade.

Do you need to use shaving cream with a straight razor? ›

Yes, shavers can use a straight razor without the shaving creams. However, this may lead to straight razor accidents while shaving: Razor bumps. One of the side effects of using a straight razor without a shaving cream is razor bumps.

Walt Disney’s adoption of VHS tapes to put out their work of animated features such as the fox and the hound, beauty and the beast, Aladdin, and the likes, Disney movies like Pinocchio, Bambi, snow white and the seven dwarves.. Do you have a collection of old Disney VHS tapes that you’d like to sell and know the value and worth?. Should you come across one of the VHS tapes, it’s pretty advisable to verify if it’s still playable with your vh playing machine or meet VHS tape specialists.. If you are having any of the tapes among the black diamond edition, chances are that your Disney VHS tapes have more value than the regular vintage VHS tapes.. Rarity : you may not know this but some Disney VHS tapes are rare compared to others, some of the rare tapes would be listed shortly.. These are some of the ways through which collectors of Disney VHS tapes could place value on their tapes and may want to put them up for sale.. The Black Diamond Edition of Disney VHS tapes constitutes a larger part of the rare VHS tapes.. About: Disney Aladdin, Black diamond VHS, Black Diamond collection.. About: 1992 101 Dalmatians Black Diamond Disney RARE (VHS, 1992) Video Tape. So if you have old Disney VHS tapes, probably before 1984 (the Black Diamond edition), it might interest you to know that there is a whole market out there for them, which means it is of value.. Streaming platforms have arguably most of the old Disney movies and animated features on VHS tapes available on their website, but the feeling could never be compared to when it’s been viewed on the original tapes.. The Gold classic collection : ranks behind the Black Diamond edition and the Masterpiece collection of old Disney VHS tapes is the Gold Classic Collection.. The Disney vault collection : the Disney Vault is the illustrative place in which Disney VHS tapes that were released initially were hidden from the public eye after only being available to be bought for a limited time.. Go through your tape collections to see just how many of the most valuable VHS tapes you have in your possession.. In a good condition, this Black Diamond edition VHS tape has a value of $100

Apollo razors may be the rarest razor on our list, but are not out of reach.. Complete with its own hone and strop, the Rolls Razor is often referred to as “a straight razor on a stick” because of its hollow-ground straight razor like non-disposable blade which can be honed and stropped in its carry case.. A historic landmark for wet shaving indeed, the Gillette Double Ring put disposable blade safety razors on the map.. Twenty years before Gillette sold their first razor, Kampfe Bros. was selling their version of the safety razor.. Earlier models had 5 adjustment settings, while the newer model had the typical 9 settings that became the standard for future adjustable Gillette razors.

The reason the razor is a simple tool is one of refinement - modern razors may not have the collectability value of the ones made 100 years ago but we suspect they're now made of better steel.. About this time the blades were made of the best steel around, the profiling of the blades reached a peak and - let's face it - they couldn't get any sharper.. Both blade and scales were wedge-shaped, the blade being wider at the point than at the pivot.. During this period some truly stunning etched blades were produced, company names began to appear on the tang and even the spine of the blade was sometimes decorated with fancy designs.. This period also saw the introduction of the 'frameback' razor, a blade with a heavy spine and the thinnest possible blade (non-removable) that gained immediate popularity.. A new process allowed the hollow-ground blades to be etched similarly to the old wedge blades and other processes such as gold wash further enhanced the blades' appearance.. A. Henckels offered no less than sixteen different degrees of blade profile, from full-wedge to extreme hollow-ground and four blade end-shapes in ten blade depths ranging from 3/8" to 8/8"!. If you are considering trying out a modern straight razor, our collection of razors particularly suitable for beginners may be found in our Starter Razors section.

Item Description: Translate description Seven day set of antique straight razors, mappin & webb cutlers.. Internet Premium : 18%Sales Tax : 8.63% - Sales tax applied to invoice total, including Internet Premium.Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check, Money Order, and Wire Transfer Visa MasterCard Discover American Express Payment Instructions: All Domestic Buyers Are Required To Pay The Proper Shipping And Handling Cost Including Insurance, And International Buyers Are Required To Pay The Proper International Air Mail Delivery Cost.. All Items Shipped Outside The U.S. Will Be Declared At Full Value For Customs.. NOTE: Due to Amount of Items Sold in Our Auctions & the Care We Take in Packing, It May Take 7-14 Days For the Items to be Shipped From When Payment Is Received.. PWA handles the packing and shipping of all sold items, except for larger items which may need special services, The buyer is responsible for shipping/delivery arrangements on items that we cannot ship.. Special Terms. Important Note On Internet Absentee Bid:. Items Offered Are Part Of A Live Auction At Philip Weiss Auction's Gallery.. Absentee Bids Left On Live Auction websites ARE NOT The Same As Bids Left With The Auction House Directly.. Tie Bids Are Broken By The Order In Which The Auctioneer Accepts The Bids NOT When The Bids Were Entered With the webcast service.. All Items Remain In Custody Of Philip Weiss Auctions Until Payment Is Made In Full.. Please Ask For Specific Condition Information Before Placing Bids.. Bidding In This Or Any Of Our Sales Constitutes Acceptance By The Bidder Of All Above Terms And Conditions.. Note: At all auctions, there is a 13% buyers premium added to all lots won.

While this article is based on double-edge safety razors sold this year, it’s important to mention that straight razors are also highly collectable.. So without any delay, let’s go over the most valuable safety razors of 2018 *Disclaimer: This article is based on the theory by the writer who has years of experience collecting razors.. Value: $200-$700. Deemed as the razor that started it all the Gillette Double Ring is Gillette’s first model and the first razor that accepted double-edge blades.. Value: $500-$880. A rare piece indeed, the “Red Dot” Fatboy was a product of Gillette’s testing process for adjustable razors Only believed to be released in 1958 and recently discovered to be released in 1960, the Red Dot has the exterior build of a regular 195 Fat Boy razor (slightly larger) and the interior of the famous Toggle.. This razor was only produced for the masses for two years (1958 & 1960) and was produced in limited numbers even though it’s the most abundant razor on our list with over 70,000 units made.. There were a total of 441 BBS-1 razors produced from 2014 -2017 making it the least produced razor on our list.. Collecting razors is certainly not limited to the razors on this list.

These porcelain mugs featured a client’s occupation via an image on the mug.. When assessing value of occupational shaving mugs from the early 1900s, experts consider the rarity of the image depicting an occupation, a unique profession that is featured on the mug, a well-executed and artistic image of an occupation, the mug owner’s background, celebrity or social status (e.g., did the mug belong to a famous person?. This is our proposal for an Online Appraisal which includes actual sales records when agreed to by the client, It will constitute a binding agreement between Masterpiece Technologies Inc. (who represents Dr. Lori) and the client.. If we agree to complete the Online Appraisal based on a digital image(s), we will prepare an appraisal report to include the following information: maker name or nationality of artist if available, general description of the piece, approximate date of the item, dimensions of the item, comparable sales record(s) and estimated value.. If you requested additional sales records after you received your Online Appraisal, those additional sales records will be provided to you no more than ten (10) days after the receipt of your payment for the additional sales records.. The appraiser has no present or contemplated future interest in the property being appraised and neither the employment of the appraiser nor the compensation paid to the appraiser is contingent upon the appraisal value of said item.. All conclusions and opinions concerning the appraisal that are set forth in the report were prepared by the appraiser whose name appears in the appraisal report, unless otherwise indicated.. No change of any item in the report shall be made by anyone other than the appraiser and the appraiser shall have no responsibility for any unauthorized change.. The appraiser has no interest in the item appraised and the appraiser has not made any offer to buy the item appraised.. In the event that an error is made in the appraisal, the liability of the appraiser and Masterpiece Technologies Inc. shall be limited to the amount of the fee paid for the appraisal.. This appraisal reflects the appraiser’s opinion of the fair market value which has been established by rarity, comparability to similar items in the current market being offered and sold at private galleries and public auctions, published sales records, desirability, condition, and recent market trends.. I accept the proposal for an Online Appraisal and I authorize Masterpiece Technologies Inc. to proceed with this appraisal.. Specific appraisers and Masterpiece Technologies Inc. will not be held liable and the client will have no remedy for damages for any claim of any kind whatsoever concerning the client’s use of the appraisal regardless, of legal theory, and whether arising in tort or contract.

The Gillette adjustable double-edge safety razors of the mid-twentieth century—including the Fatboy, the Slim Adjustable, and the Black Beauties—have become popular both for shaving and collecting.. These models have an adjuster beneath the head, that allows you to raise and lower the razor blade to control the closeness of the shave.. The Gillette "Fatboy", their most famous adjustable safety razor.. If there's rust here, the razor will likely need professional cleaning and replating.. Many people collect razors made in their birth year or the year of some special event; others try to collect a whole series of years, sometimes with one from each quarter.. I've used my Gillette double edge slim adjustable razor since it first came out 1961.. Where can I buy the Gillette Classic slim adjustable razor?. I have returned to double edge safety razor shaving.. Sure, I've cheated, a few times, when I've had trouble getting blades locally, but the safety razor always gives the best shave.. My Dad used these razors his whole life and my 24 yr old son just announced he bought a Gillette Fat Boy and has using it, saves him money and says he gets a closer shave.


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